Brief in English - Vivaldi 335

Vivaldi 335 Competition is the IV th edition directed to the young violin players. The Competition always takes place in very charming Wieliczka City. The patron of the Competition is a famous violinist and composer Antonio Vivaldi whose violin concerts by students are very popular. Every year the name of the Competition is connected with the birth anniversary of maestro Vivaldi.

Coming Vivaldi 335 Violin Competition became the area of confrontation of various experiences of teachers from all Europe. We hope this 2 nd international edition of the Competition give participants possibility to create new, interesting friendships.

The main purposes of the Competition are: development of playing the violin by students from the very beginning of their music education, awakening  musical activity in children and presentation by young musicians their artistic achievements, promotion of Vivaldi music, advertisement of a method of violin play, observing of how this teaching method works and getting to know different cultures.

Organizing Vivaldi 335 International Violin Competition we would like to give a possibility to board performer and methodical repertoire and encourage students and their teachers to get to know the new musical editions. This year every participant is obliged to perform a miniature written by a composer coming from the country of participant.

Vivaldi 335 International Violin Competition is organized by I st degree Musical School in Wieliczka. We would like to present this amazing city to the young players again and give an opportunity to perform in the beautiful hall of the Salt works Castle. The musicians will have an occasion to visit Wieliczka Salt Mine which is one of the greatest cultural heritage in the world.

We do hope that the time of musical competition full of Vivaldi’s music and enriched of various European compositions will shine like salt crystals in the corridors of Wieliczka Salt Mine.


During Vivaldi 335 International Violin Competition
every participant will become a star!



1. “Vivaldi 335” Violin Competition (2nd International Edition) is organized by Music School of 1st Degree in Wieliczka., address: 32-020 Wieliczka, Rynek Górny 6.

2. Auditions will take place from April 10 to April 13, 2011 in Gothic Hall of Wieliczka Salt Castle, 8 Zamkowa Street.

3. The Competition will be divided to three age groups:
I st group, participant born after December 31, 2003
II nd group, participants born between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2003
III rd group, participants born between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2001
All individual cases will be decided by organizers.

4. Auditions for the I st group are organized in one stage. Auditions for the II nd group are in two stages.

5. The composition of the jury is proposed by organizers and decided by Director of the Art Education Center.

6. Regulations referring to grades, diplomas and awards are decided by the Jury.

7. The Jury's decisions are final and irrevocable.

8. Grand Prix will be given by the Jury for the student chosen from all participants of the 2nd Stage.

9. It is forbidden to take part in the Competition for a Grand Prix and 1 st Awards Winners of previous editions of the Competition. The Winners of previous editions of younger age groups are possible to take part in older age groups.

10. Awards and confirmations will be given in each age group.

11. Participants will play in alphabetical order, starting from participant chosen randomly.

12. All the pieces have to be performed by heart.

13. Auditions will be closed by Concert of Laureates, where diplomas and awards will be given.

14. Awarded participants and accompanists have to take part in the Concert of Laureates, obligatorily.

15. On the Final Concert Grand Prix Laureates and I st Awards Winners of the II nd and III rd age groups, perform Antonio Vivaldi's Concertos with the chamber orchestra accompaniment.

16. Application forms should be sent till March 8, 2013 by e-mail (Microsoft Word Document), along with form sheets that can be found on with “Vivaldi 335” annotation. e-mail address:

17. Pay Registration is 100 PLN and should be paid till March 8, 2013, on account:
Szkoła Muzyczna I stopnia w Wieliczce
Bank Spółdzielczy w Wieliczce
78 8619 0006 0010 0200 8178 0002
with “Vivaldi 335” annotation.

18. In case of resignation of a participant the Pay Registration will be not returned.

19. Confirmation of Pay Registration should be sent with Application by e-mail, form till March 8, 2013.

20. List of the participations will be announced on after March 18, 2013.

21. Participants cover costs of the journey, food and accommodation.

22. The organizers of the Competition provide accompaniment for participants from abroad. Participations are obliged to send the scores with Registration form.

23. The organizers of the Competition are authorized to record, acoustically and optically, all concerts and auditions and to use these recordings for public purposes.

1. To choose I st or III rd part of the concert from:
A. Vivaldi, Concert G major op.7 no.2
O. Rieding, Concert B minor op. 35
O. Rieding, Concert G major op. 34
F. Kuchler, Concertino D major op.15 in A. Vivaldi style

It is possible to perform another Vivaldi's concert, if it has the same or higher degree of difficulty.

2. For free choice of miniature accompanied by piano, without a cycles pieces.
I st Stage
1. For free choice study.
2. For free choice of miniature accompanied by piano, without a cycles pieces. The miniature has to be composed by composer from the land of participants.

II nd Stage
To choose I st or III rd part of the concert from:
A. Vivaldi, Concerto G major op. 3 no. 3 RV 310
A. Vivaldi, Concerto G minor no. 52 RV 334
A. Vivaldi, Concerto A minor op. 3 no. 6 RV 356
A. Vivaldi, Concerto G minor op. 4 no. 6 RV 316
It is possible to perform another Vivaldi's concert from III rd group (part I st or III rd).

I st Stage
1. For free choice of double tone study.
2. For free choice of miniature accompanied by piano, without a cycles pieces. The miniature has to be composed by composer from the land of participant.
II nd Stage
For free choice of Ist or IInd and IIIrd part of the concerto from:
A. Vivaldi, Concerto A major no. 51 RV 435
A. Vivaldi, Concerto E major op. 8 no. 1 RV 269 (Spring)
A. Vivaldi, Concerto G minor op. 12 no. 1 RV 317
Prof. Marek SZWARC (Warszawa, Poland)
Graduated with distinction from the Academy of Music in Poznań and Royal Conservatory in Brussels. He took master classes with Franco Gulli and Riccardo Brengola. Prof. Marek Szwarc was a member of such distinguished orchestras as National Philharmonic and National Opera in Warszawa. He was a leader of Con Moto ma Cantabile Ensemble which performed both in Poland and abroad. He has been very active in teaching; at Music Academy in Poznań and Łódź, and the Music University in Warszawa. He regularly gives master classes, both violin and chamber string orchestra, at the International Master Courses in Łańcut.
Ewa IWAN (Katowice, Poland)
Graduated from the Music Academy in Katowice. She was the concertmaster of Silesian Opera and a member of the Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra. She performed both Poland and abroad. Since 1990 she is a teacher in the music school in Katowice, many of her students have achieved notable success in educational violin competitions. Ewa Iwan has published numerous violin pedagogical literature and arranged several symphonic and chamber music. For her pedagogic achievements she was awarded by the Director of Musical Education Centre. Ewa Iwan is also interested in playing piano, organ, guitar and accordion. She is interested in literature and fine arts.
Beata RACKO (Riga, Latvia)
She started her musical education at the age of 5 and continued in the music school, then progressed to the Jazepsa Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, and to the Hochschule fur Musik und Tanz Koln. She took part in several master classes in Italy and Austria, and performed in numerous prestige orchestras as: Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, Scandinavian Youth Symphony Orchestra and Riga Festival Orchestra. Beate Racko performed with such famous conductors as Claudio Abbado, Sergio Cardenas, Pierre Boulez and Christoph Eschenbach. She was awarded the second place at the International A. Glazunov Violin Competitions. Currently Beate Racko is a member of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and concentrating on teaching in Pardaugavas Music and Art School.