Vivaldi 333 - Brief in English

Vivaldi 333 Competition is the IIIrd edition directed to the young violin players. The Competition always takes place in very charming Wieliczka City. The patron of the Competition is a famous violinist and composer Antonio Vivaldi whose violin concerts by students are very popular. Every year the name of the Competition is connected with the birth anniversary of maestro Vivaldi.

Coming Vivaldi 333 Violin Competition will have a different form than earlier editions. This time we wish the Competition became the area of confrontation of various experiences of teachers from all Europe. We hope this 1st international edition of the Competition give participants possibility to create new, interesting friendships.

The main purposes of the Competition are: development of playing the violin by students from the very beginning of their music education, awakening musical activity in children and presentation by young musicians their artistic achievements, promotion of Vivaldi music, advertisement of a method of violin play, observing of how this teaching method works and getting to know different cultures.

Organizing Vivaldi 333 International Violin Competition we would like to give a possibility to board performer and methodical repertoire and encourage students and their teachers to get to know the new musical editions. This year every participant is obliged to perform a miniature written by a composer coming from the country of participant.

Vivaldi 333 International Violin Competition is organized by Ist degree Musical School in Wieliczka. We would like to present this amazing city to the young players again and give an opportunity to perform in the beautiful hall of the Salt works Castle. The musicians will have an occasion to visit Wieliczka Salt Mine which is one of the greatest cultural heritage in the world.

We do hope that the time of musical competition full of Vivaldi’s music and enriched of various European compositions will shine like salt crystals in the corridors of Wieliczka Salt Mine.

During Vivaldi 333 International Violin Competition every participant will become a star!



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